No Desk, No Screen, No Keyboard Translation

It's uncomfortable to stare at a screen for 12 hours straight in order to complete a rush translation.

I have found that a good solution is to print off the original text and then record yourself speaking it using a wireless Bluetooth microphone that skips silence.

This means you can basically do whatever you want, make a cup of tea, organize your files, etc. while translating. Just speak out the translation as you read it on the paper, sentence by sentence, and the program will only record what you say, not the silence around it. You can pay someone to type it up at much less than the entire job is worth.

Instead of a piece of paper, you can also use a projector screen and wireless keyboard and mouse to cut out your screen time. Looking at projector is much easier on the eyes, and the wireless keyboard and mouse lets you move around a lot.

Following these methods provides a pathway to nearly cutting screen time out of the equation altogether. Translation no longer has to be a strain on your health that involves constantly sitting in front of a computer screen.

Unless, of course, it involves a CAT tool, in which case you probably need to use a projector and a keyboard and mouse to maximize posture and exercise.