Example Translation: Chinese documentary script

This is a translation for a fun documentary series on pets. The great thing about this company is they let you basically write what you think sounds natural in English and to focus on what will connect with the English audience (rather than mechanical and stilted translations as is typically the case with Chinese translation companies).


Seven million families live in Beijing. Every morning, millions of people in the city must bid farewell as parents send off their children and friends and relatives go about their own affairs. The hurried activities of the commercial world belongs to the human, but in their enclosed houses they still have housemates who speak an entirely different language. Once that door is closed, the world becomes its own separate universe.


Pets Home Alone

第三集 孤独星球

Episode 3 The Lonely Planet


Only a very special owner can handle one husky. Having two huskies in one’s house signifies a true warrior. Sun Ying has two huskies.

觉得它特别二嘛 特别可爱
没想它拆迁啊 毁家具啊

Sun Ying
The husky has been sent down
from heaven to test the ingenuity of mortals.
Pictures on the ‘net make
huskies look very goofy, very lovable.
That’s all that you can see.
You can’t see them tear down your house and furniture.
That is not featured.


The bulldozing team is taken out for a stroll round the block, while the camera team takes advantage of the quiet to install CCTV.


I’m very curious about what
they do when I’m not around,
What these two do in the house
to cause trouble.


We’re going to help this owner satisfy her curiosity. The equipment needs to be installed and tested properly first, however. There is just enough time. Everything is ready.

我走了啊 尼卡
听话啊 不许尿沙发

I’m going! Nikki.
Be a good girl, no peeing on the sofa.


Every dog is different. Darkly colored Katie is 8 months old, and arrived at this home earlier than two year old Nikki. Normally, younger dogs are more curious than older, and Katie has discovered there is something different about the house. The bulbous CCTV camera is in trouble. Young Katie is still teething, and her jaws are more powerful at this stage than Nikki’s.


The owner was worried that dogs easily feel lonely. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for Katie, though, has she has demonstrated through her teeth marks on many items of furniture.