Work Example - TV Documentary (凤凰卫视)


2015年5月 安息日 May 2015, Sunday

熊橋村教堂 Bear Bridge Village Church


歌曲 Song

不從惡人 惡人的計謀   Follow not the wicked, the plans of the wicked,

不站惡人 惡人的道路   Stand not with the wicked, in their ways,

不坐褻慢人 褻慢人的座位   Take not their seat, the seat of the wayward



旁白 Narration

2001年國家衛生部門公佈了艾滋病疫情, 上蔡縣成了艾滋病的重災區

In 2001, the national Ministry of Health released a report on the AIDS epidemic, Shangcai County was recognized as an area hit hard by the disease.


Out of the 13 townships in the whole county, farmers in 8 of them had been widely affected by the AIDS epidemic through the selling of blood.


From the initial blood transmission, the disease was then passed along to the partner of the affected, and then finally from mother to child, such that some babies were born already suffering from the AIDS virus.



那個院子裡還有人住啊 Are there still people living in that courtyard?

有個老婆兒 There’s a lady.

其他人都幹什麼去了 And what happened to the others?

其他人死了 The others have all passed.

咋死的  How?

還是那病  The illness.

等於這一家人都沒有了Effectively taking awaythis whole family.

你們都是健康人吧  You guys are all healthy?

是 萬幸Yep, thank God.

我是那病號啊 I have it.


旁白 Narration

熊四民是熊富貴最小的兒子和父母 哥哥嫂子一樣

Xiong Simin is Xiong Fugui’s youngest son. He got the disease through selling blood, along with his parents, older brother and sister-in-law.


On mention of the events of the preceding 10 years,


Xiong Simin can recollect everything that happened as if it was yesterday.