Work Example - Food Safety Knowledge Test

Work Example - Food Safety Knowledge Test

An example of translating a food safety knoweldge test for a food service provider.

11. 有关危害分析及关键控制点(HACCP)描述正确的是:

11. A correct description in relation to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) would be:                    

A 指确定、评估并控制对食品安全具有显著危害的系统,以有效提升餐厅食品安全的管控

A: It refers to a system of identifying, evaluating and controlling food safety hazards, according to which the level of food safety control in the restaurant may be effectively raised.

B 对危害及其产生条件的信息进行收集和评估的过程,以确定对食品安全构成的重要危害

B: It is a process for collecting and evaluating information concerning hazards and the conditions of their manufacture, to determine the composition of major food safety hazards.


Work Example - TV Documentary (凤凰卫视)

Work Example - TV Documentary (凤凰卫视)

AIDS Village - Translating a TV documentary (excerpt)

歌曲 Song

不從惡人 惡人的計謀   Follow not the wicked, the plans of the wicked,

不站惡人 惡人的道路   Stand not with the wicked, in their ways,

不坐褻慢人 褻慢人的座位   Take not their seat, the seat of the wayward



旁白 Narration

2001年國家衛生部門公佈了艾滋病疫情, 上蔡縣成了艾滋病的重災區

In 2001, the national Ministry of Health released a report on the AIDS epidemic, Shangcai County was recognized as an area hit hard by the disease.


Out of the 13 townships in the whole county, farmers in 8 of them had been widely affected by the AIDS epidemic through the selling of blood.

Translation Work Example 1: Marketing

Chinese text





Apart from search engine registration, other commonly used online marketing tools include: online advertising, URL link exchanges, information distribution, email subscription, email marketing with prior consent, personalized marketing, membership–based marketing, viral marketing, and so on. The following is a short introduction to ten of the most common online marketing methods.

Search engine registration and ranking improvement

This is the one of the most classic and most common online marketing tools. Currently, even though search engines are not as effective as they were a few years ago, studies have shown that search engines remain a principal method for finding new websites. Therefore, registering in a popular search engine and receiving a high ranking is a key consideration in the website design planning process.

Why ‘Under the Dome’ Didn't Convince Me (Opinion Piece)

Why ‘Under the Dome’ Didn't Convince Me (Opinion Piece)

Translated an opinion piece (note that Willfanyi does not support the opinion of the article and does not comment publicly about the documentary)

为什么《穹顶之下》没有说服我?Why ‘Under the Dome’ Didn't Convince Me

首 先要声明,这篇文章并不是来批判《穹顶之下》的。相反,柴静的这部作品,无论从包装的精美,文案叙事的设计,采访对象的深入,还是数据的翔实程度来看,都 非常值得喝彩,甚至有可能成为整个中国科学传播史上的经典之作。但是,跳出那些感情叙事的框架之后,我只能说,《穹顶之下》虽然感动了我,却没有说服我。 从更理性的角度出发,如果不把雾霾当做“私人恩怨”,而作为一项公共政策来谈论的话,似乎有更多的问题需要进一步深入探讨。

First of all I’d like to say that I’m not here to heap criticism on ‘Under the Dome’. Actually, I think that Chai Jing did a great job. She covered everything very well and structured her narrative in a clear and engaging way. Organising the data and interviews in such a way as to clearly communicate a message to the viewers must have been extremely difficult, and if there was a hall of fame for Chinese documentaries, this should be in it. But when I step back and look at the documentary, which by the way I found it very challenging and/or heart-rending to watch, I wouldn’t say I was necessarily persuaded. For when you look at the issue in a rational, economic way, i.e. not like Chai Jing whose dislike of smog is on the level of a personal vendetta, there are reasons to question some of the documentary's conclusions.

‘A Thorough Investigation into Air Pollution With Chai Jing: Under the Dome’ Internet response splits


On the last day in February, and the last working day before a massive meeting of representatives from China’s National People’s Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Chai Jing has once again appeared in front of the nation’s viewers, this time she is carrying a metaphorical dome.


Today, Chai Jing has brought the nation her own version of a Public Service Announcement, a year after retiring from her prominent position at China Central Television. Her documentary: ‘A Thorough Investigation into Air Pollution With Chai Jing: Under the Dome’ immediately struck ‘viewcount’ gold, bringing in huge numbers for China’s YouTube-like website ‘Youku’.